Kid Bloggers for Public Education

Each month great kid bloggers discuss a different topic of interest to parents of school children.Each month the Kid Bloggers for Public Education bring you great ideas for supporting your child's education.  Find all our posts below!

June: Stopping the Summer Slide

April: Curriculum

March: Friends and Bullies

February: Testing

January: Projects

Long Term Projects in Elementary School from Planet Smarty Pants

How Parents Can Support School Projects from Mama Smiles

Supporting School Projects from 3 Dinosaurs

5 Things Teachers Want You to Know About School Projects from Books and Giggles

How to Pick the Best Science Fair Topic for Winning or Taking it Easy from Thriving STEM

October: Communication

10 Practical Ways to Communicate With Your Child's Teacher from Books and Giggles

Keeping the Lines of Communication Open with Your Child's Teacher from Creative Family Fun

Keeping an Open Communication with Teachers – Free Teacher Note Printable from 3 Dinosaurs

The How and Why of Communicating with Your Child's Teacher from the Resourceful Mama

Home and School Communication Log from The Wise Owl Factory

Seven insider tips for getting good results when communicating with your child's teacher from the Thriving STEM

September: Homework

Surviving Your Child's Math Homework from Creative Family Fun

Homework and Gifted Learners from Planet Smarty Pants

The Keys to a Successful Homework Time from The Resourceful Mama

August: Back to School 

Homework Help Information for Public School Parents from Wise Owl Factory Book a Day

What I Love About School Art Projects from Planet Smarty Pants

Dear Teacher... from Creative Family Fun

Free Weekly School Calendar from 3 Dinosaurs