Tuesday, April 18, 2017

An easy way to get dozens of effective ways to teach ABC's and 123's at your finger tips-LIMITED TIME OFFER

Abc's and 123's, a collection of 40 FUN ideas, will save you time and help you effectively help your preschooler learn numbers and letters.

My preschooler loves these activities! She's learning her numbers and alphabet, and I'm saving time.

We all hope our kids to be prepared to succeed when they get to school, and none of us wants to crush their happy little spirits. We know the most effective learning is fun, but it takes time to develop great learning activities.

Finding time is hard.

Friday, April 14, 2017

How you can make a toy boat that really floats

These toy boats really float, and would be perfect for a preschool unit, or high school science experiments in buoyancy.

The other day I wanted a couple of quick, cheap toy boats that would float. We were headed out out to our favorite puddle. Both of my little ones LOVE stomping back and forth through the puddle, and I love that their naps usually happen in a timely manner afterward.  However, our last puddle day had ended with swimming, and it's still a little chilly for that, even here in Alabama. So,to encourage wading in the puddle, I made a quick toy.

These easy to make bottle boats are the perfect toy for Earth day, my preschoolers loved them

When we lived in an apartment and weren't fortunate to own our own puddle, I'd put my children in their bathing suits, and let them play in the bath on rainy days. These boats would work great there too!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Water play STEM activity to go with your toddler's favorite song

This toddler water table activity based on the Itsy Bitsy Spider song is a fun STEM activity to go with one of your child's favorite books.

My daughters have done this twice and loved it both times.