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Is your child struggling with reading or math?  Let's talk.

It's scary to realize that your child is struggling with basic skills that our society deems essential to success. When standard educational techniques don't reach the child that matters to you, you go looking for solutions. 

My name is Christy McGuire. It's my goal to help as many families as possible over come the challenges related to learning disabilities. 

  • Associate with the Orton Gillingham Academy 
  • Trained in Orton-Gillingham methods for math
  • Experienced and Certified High School Physics teacher
  • Mama of 4 awesome kids with Specific Learning Difference
  • One to one tutoring in person (Madison, AL) and on-line
  • Parent training for navigating the educational opportunities for Dyslexia and other learning differences.
  • Parent training for implementing best practices with your own child in specific learning areas.

As an educator I take pride in constantly improving my craft by studying the latest research, consulting with my mentoring Fellow, and honestly reflecting on my work with my children and yours. I am committed to seeing every child make forward progress in the shortest possible time.

Algebra and Dyslexics
 I have combined my experience as a physics teacher with Orton Gillingham principals to develop strategies that are highly effective in helping students with dyslexia and dyscalculia overcome their unique struggles in Algebra. If you have a Dyslexic struggling with Algebra, I'd love to discuss with you whether I'm a good fit for your child. ThrivingSTEM@gmail.com

Young Dyslexics
My current training focus is young students (ages 5-7). I am refining my ability to help these young learners overcome their reading challenges as early and efficiently as possible.  If you have a child in this range who is identified as at risk for Dyslexia, I'd love to talk with you. ThrivingSTEM@gmail.com

One on One Tutoring
Are looking for a tutor who is well qualified to help your dyslexic or dyscalculiaic child make significant progress in reading or math? Please email me at ThrivingSTEM@gmail.com, and let's consider if I'm a good fit for your child.

Christy McGuire is one of the best tutors I’ve ever sent my child for help.   We went to Christy thinking we had an algebra problem.  In two sessions we determined we didn’t understand the concept of positive and negative.    When you have a dyslexic child with other language disorders sometimes it’s difficult to determine the struggle.   With implementation of multi sensory components (colors to represent numbers and blocks to represent numbers), she radically changed Maddie’s ability to get advanced math concepts.

 - Hilary Laxson, parent founder of the Dyslexia Life

"I was feeling stressed and worried, but after working with Mrs. Christy, I felt so much better and relieved that I will get good grades not having to worry. " - Neema, Age 12

Personalized subject specific help for parents

I requested Christy’s assistance after being concerned about my dyslexic daughter’s struggles with retaining math skills. Christy was able to ease my anxiety and aid me in hands on instructional tools that allowed me to confidently execute my homeschool curriculum in a manner that best suited my daughter's needs. 

Christy is kind, patient, nonjudgmental, and an excellent communicator. Since leaving our session, I’ve had much success implementing the tools I was given, and comforted in that if I needed her again, she is available. y consultation with Christy has saved me thousands of dollars that I would’ve otherwise spent in specialized 1 on 1 tutoring.

- Courtni

Help navigating the whole process
As a parent of children with dyslexia and other specific learning differences, I know how overwhelming the journey can be. As a professional educator, I'm developing a course for parents dealing with the scary uncertainity of knowing your child isn't learning like everyone else. Let me help you find the resources that will help your child succeed, so you can have the confidence of knowing your child is on track.

Sign up for Confident Parents of Different learners Beta Course by emailing ThrivingSTEM@gmail.com

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