Multi-Sensory Math Tutoring

Do you need a math tutoring program that . . .
- is multi-sensory?
- is logic based?
- works with your child's unique learning style?
- is compatible with the curriculum your school uses?


My name is Christy McGuire and I am a former High School Physics teacher trained in Orton-Gillingham methods for math, and mother of 4 awesome kids with Specific Learning Differences. I offer both standard weekly 1 hour tutoring (on-line or in person in Madison, AL) and an affordable video based alternative.

What others are saying

"I was feeling stressed and worried, but after working with Mrs. Christy, I felt so much better and relieved that I will get good grades not having to worry. " - Neema, Age 12

Christy McGuire is one of the best tutors I’ve ever sent my child for help.   We went to Christy thinking we had an algebra problem.  In two sessions we determined we didn’t understand the concept of positive and negative.    When you have a dyslexic child with other language disorders sometimes it’s difficult to determine the struggle.   With implementation of multi sensory components (colors to represent numbers and blocks to represent numbers), she radically changed Maddie’s ability to get advanced math concepts. - Hilary Laxson, parent founder of the Dyslexia Life

Option 1 :Live tutoring

Live tutoring will include assessment of your child's learning difficulties and tailored coaching in the skills they need to be successful in math. If desired, you will receive some simple drills they can practice to help your child make maximum progress. Either of my programs can be tailored to fit with your public school's math program, or I am happy to include consultation on a home school math curriculum as part of my services.

Please e-mail me at to set up a free consultation.

Option 2: Video based lessons

What others are saying

"My dad is a PhD in mathematics and has been blown away with what you have sent. Said he would have never looked at it that way but sees how it works for Raegan."  - Amy Pendley, mom


Whenever your child is struggling, or when there is a new topic coming up in math class, you can request a lesson. You will receive a personalized response with a video lesson that addresses your child's situation

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Hands On

Lessons are video based and include extra practice when needed. These videos are effective because your child does the math in a hands on way rather than just watching a teacher write numbers on a board. Multi-sensory methods are used whenever possible, and all concepts are laid out in a logical way.

Proven Methods

This not a quick fix that will make your child's math struggles disappear. You've probably figured out those promises don't work for your child anyway. Instead, you'll receive access to proven methods that you can use systematically to help your child build their mathematical skills.


Video based tutoring is available at the monthly price of $15, much less than one session of tutoring.
You can save even more by signing up for the year for $130.

Ready give video based tutoring a try? Have questions?  

Please e-mail 

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