Parents Math Tool Box

Do you need a math tutoring program that . . .

- is multi-sensory?
- is logic based?
- works with your child's unique learning style?
- compatible with the curriculum your school uses?

Introducing Parents Math Tool Box

As a member of the Parents Math Tool Box, you have access to a teacher who has been trained in Orton-Gillingham math methods. 


Whenever your child is struggling, or when there is a new topic coming up in math class, you can request a lesson. You will receive a personalized response with a lesson that addresses your child's situation

Hands On

Lessons are video based and include extra practice when needed. These videos are effective because your child does the math in a hands on way rather than just watching a teacher write numbers on a board. Multi-sensory methods are used whenever possible, and all concepts are laid out in a logical way.

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Available on Demand

To get help even faster, you can browse topics for yourself and find the lessons that address your child's struggles.

Proven Methods

The Parents Math Tool Box is not a quick fix that will make your child's math struggles disappear. You've probably figured out those promises don't work for your child anyway. Instead, you'll receive access to proven methods that you can use systematically to help your child build their mathematical skills.


Orton-Gillingham tutoring usually runs $60-$100 per session. That adds up quickly.

The Parents Math Tool Box is available at the monthly price of $15, less than one session of tutoring.
You can save even more by signing up for the year for $130.

Ready to give the Parents Math Tool Box a try? 

Have questions?  Please e-mail 

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