Hi!  I'm Christy.  As a trained physics teacher, I love developing new ways for students to engage with science and math.  While taking a break from the high school classroom, I rediscovered that young children are tons of fun, and can learn powerful science and math too.  Now I am attempting to cross the excitement of early childhood style learning with serious STEM study and sharing the results here at Thriving STEM. 

The goal of Thriving STEM is to nurture a culture of STEM literacy by providing educators and parents with the resources they need to encourage science, technology, engineering and math understanding in their classrooms and homes. 

If you like what you see, and are in need a specific lesson, I would love to help you develop an activity that achieves your objectives and is suited to the specific needs of your learners. You can reach me at thrivingstem@gmail.com

I have two creative elementary children, who come up with may of the ideas you will see on the blog and Instagram.   Their toddler sisters are doing their best to catch them.  We make our home on the edge of the Appalachians in the American South East.  

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My book projects

Make a Mark e-book

Children are born with an urge to make a difference in their world. While I may not appreciate the marker art on the side of the book shelf, I am proud of the ethic that wants to share with the poor. I participated the collaborative e-book "Make a Mark", a resource full ways to help you help your child learn to make a change in the world, from early print making, to story telling, to ecology.

During December 2016, the book is available at a special low introductory price!

About our affiliates

Thriving STEM has had the opportunity to partner with a few great programs. When you buy one of these resources through my post or the advertisement, I receive a commission.

Steve Spangler Science

Steve Spangler is famous for his crazy science demonstrations.  He also started Steve Spangler Science which is a great place to find supplies for your own young scientists. Read about our experience with the Spangler Science Club.