Saturday, August 18, 2012

Card board people

Help your little scientist learn to observe the most important creature in their world!

This was a fun project because it gave me a glimpse of my children see when they look in the mirror. It's also a great way to sharpen the preschool science skill of observation as they get an early start on some human biology!

My almost-four-year-old saw his eye-lashes and his teeth.  My little girl, two, saw the need for clothes.    In order for this project to count as art, (and be really fun!)  I was very intentional to let the kids do as much of it in their own ways as possible.  The mess and irregularity drove me crazy in the moment, but aren't the results fun? Are you ready to let your little scientists make their own?

Materials:  large cardboard boxes, colored construction paper, scissors and glue sticks.

1.  Have each child lay down on the cardboard (or you could use butcher paper) and trace around his body.

2.  Cut out the shape of their body.

3.  Have the children look at themselves in a full length mirror.  Ask them what they see, and ask what their cardboard person needs.

4.  Cut out the desired body part from the desired color of construction paper.

5. Let the child use stick glue to paste the body part to his cardboard body.

Help your little scientist learn to observe the most important creature in their world!

Neither of my kids would be successful at cutting out body parts yet, so I did that part for them.  My two-year-old wasn't easily able to pick out what body parts were needed in the mirror, but she was able to choose their color and where to place them.  My older-three-year-old had a great time looking in the mirror to see what was needed next.  So far this project has stretched over two days, and I expect to come back to it on another rainy day.

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