Friday, November 2, 2012

The Change Game:Level 1

Our family is currently residing in a hotel.  Every week or so I go to the desk ask for alot of quarters and ones: quarters for the laundry, dollar for the nice lady who cleans for us.  My kids are fascinated by the coins and just love to handle change, so I decided to make a money math game for them.

The Change Game: Level 1

 I developed a little game for my four-year-old.  I give him all the quarters, then I offer to trade a one dollar bill for a dollar's worth of quarters.  He counts out four quarters and I give him the dollar.  Then we do it again.  He thinks this is great.  When his quarters are all gone, I ask him how many dollars he has, and he counts those.  We'll play a couple of times in a row.


When we start to get tired of counting, we start to notice the pictures on the money.  Happily, both quarters and ones feature pictures of George Washington.  We stop to review why he's important.  A while back we read George Washington and the General's Dog by Frank Murphy and Richard Walz.   It was a great introduction to the father of the United States for my pre-schoolers.

I think this activity has some potential for growth, so now I'm saving all our coins.  You can be watching for The Change Game: Level 2!

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