Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Pre-school math practice

Yesterday, I wrote about my son's kindergarten math practice.  Today, I'll give you a peek at what Little Sister is up to during that time.  While she is in no way required to participate in studies, she usually chooses to.   

Number Ordering

For this activity, I give her one of each numeral on her own magnetic board.  I ask her which number represents nothing.  She chooses zero.  I ask what comes next she chooses one.  From there, she can usually order the rest of the numerals.  When she brings the board to show me I ask her to name the number in order.

Sorting and Counting

My daughter actually created this second activity entirely on her own.  After she ordered the numbers, she arranged them by color.   Then, she counted them, to find out how many numbers belonged to each color group.

Experiences like these remind me that teaching well is as much about not destroying a student's learning processes as it is creating new opportunities.

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