Sunday, May 4, 2014

Project Recycle! Create!: Egg Carton Boats

It took a couple of weeks, but last weekend we finally got the perfect day at the park.  After a family bike ride/walk  we finished off our morning at the cool stream. They even got to do some wading- and try out their new boats.

 Next Generation Science Standards

K-2-ETS1-1.Ask questions, make observations, and gather information about a situation people want to change to define a simple problem that can be solved through the development of a new or improved object or tool.
K-2-ETS1-2.Develop a simple sketch, drawing, or physical model to illustrate how the shape of an object helps it function as needed to solve a given problem.
K-2-ETS1-3.Analyze data from tests of two objects designed to solve the same problem to compare the strengths and weaknesses of how each performs.

April's challenge from Recycle! Create! is to use egg cartons to do a project with or for your children. Unfortunately, for the environment, eggs only come in Styrofoam in our area.  I decided to ask my children to make boats from the egg cartons.


Egg Cartons
Whatever they ask for!


I gave my children the egg cartons and set them loose to design their boats however they chose. When we finally got that wonderful day at the park, they were able to try out their creations.

A few things I think they may have learned through this project: school glue does not hold up in water,tying your string to the boat works better, water currents follow the same pattern on their way down the stream. 

There are tadpoles in our local stream. What else do you need for a perfect day at the park?

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