Saturday, June 28, 2014

Coquinas: Beautiful Diggers

Sunset over the Gulf of Mexico last week was beautiful.  The beach was re-nourished this year, so it is not quite as pretty, but it is still alive!

We had a great time just watching these little guys bury themselves in the sand. Daddy is the local, so he explained what we were seeing.

Coquinas are a type of clam that live right on the edge of ocean where the tide comes and goes. The water uncovers them as it recedes, and they bury themselves until the next wave brings them their next meal, and in turn retreats.

The shells are beautiful, and even as an adult I could watch them burrow all day.   It is amazing that these little creatures move so fast! I found a picture that shows how they use a muscular foot to bury themselves. Click here and scroll down to the "foot" heading to see it.

The Gulf was in the news a few years ago because of an environmental disaster. A question on many people's mind is how to teach others to respect the lives of creatures like the Coquina. I think that observing first hand is a key part of the answer.

What has fascinated your family this summer?

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