Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Five Simple Science Projects Using Plastic Bags

Teach your kids science and use up those plastic bags. These would be great for earth day!

This month at Project Recycle! Create!  we have been working with plastic bags. We made a Windsock, and four other bloggers did science related projects too.  These are super simple.  Most of us have plenty of plastic bags on hand.  Why not try one of these fun projects with your kids? (Click on the titles to go the tutorials.)

Plastic Bag Kites
This should be something every child does before age ten.  It is a great way to experience density, drag, and air properties.


Outer space is a popular topic at our house.  I love that this is also a toy, which reinforces what a comet is.

This project is a great way to learn drag and weight.  These look easy to make and would be lots of fun to watch on a breezy day, or floating from the top of the stairs.

We enjoy making giant murals of different ecosystems.  This craft is perfect for the ocean.  You will want to check out the whole preschool unit Nadia put together.


check out our whole list of science projects done with plastic bags

We had alot of fun putting together this windsock, and it was a great way to watch the wind's direction and strength.

Check out our science for kids page for a comprehensive list of great science projects. 

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  1. I really love your comet idea! Actually they are all wonderful!

    1. The comet actually comes from Powerful Mothering. I agree, these are great projects!

  2. Great science ideas. Love them all! Pinning to do that later

  3. These look awesome! Thanks for the help.☺.


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