Friday, November 14, 2014

I Spy: Heavy Things Floating!

"Mom!  I am doing an experiment."  Don't those words strike a mixture of fear and pride in your heart?  In this case, the Pony Artist had begun an experiment about floating and sinking objects in the bathroom sink.

Household objects of differing densities, floating or sinking.

What We Saw

"My experiment shows that heavy things float and light things sink," said my daughter.  Indeed, the paper clip,  which was lighter, had sunk to the bottom.  The pretend cupcake icing, which was heavier, was floating.

Our Questions

I asked,  "Which thing takes up more space?" and "Do things that take up more space float or things that take up less space float?"

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  1. Ha! Yes, those words do make me a little anxious sometimes! lol! At least this one wasn't a messy one (like, "I'm experimenting which color permanent marker shows up best on the wall, Mom!") ;)

    1. O dear! Yes, we have done that one too. Followed by, "Is there a cleaner that takes marker and leaves paint?"

  2. The worst is when they run into tell you that while you are in the shower. :) Love how you followed her lead here!


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