Monday, December 1, 2014

I Spy: An Echo Chamber

Doing inquiry science after school, just for fun.

This fall we have been attempting to make the most of what little day light remains after the school day is finished.  One day as we were exploring, we found this echo chamber.

What we saw

When we yelled into the opening of this tunnel, the sound came back again and again and again.  My children found that yelling into the mouth of the tunnel resulted in a louder echo, but yelling into the small hole on top made a quieter sound.

Our Questions

My son, who first discovered this curiosity wondered where the tunnel led to.  He also wondered, "What was inside?"  

He has tried yelling in a few other spaces, looking for other echo chambers.  Our current theory is that the the narrowness of the tunnel was part of why the sound echoed there.  

What have you found lately?

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