Saturday, December 13, 2014

How to Practice Writing Sight Words for Kids Who Love the Dirt

After years of living of renting, hotels and apartments, our family is thoroughly enjoying time in our own backyard.  I have dreams of a beautiful natural play space, but right now, my kids are most interested in this little dirt patch.  T-Rex just brought home a big set of sight words to review, and I thought we could use a new backyard activity for learning sight words.

My son loved doing this activity.

I set up the activity by clearing a small patch of dirt and writing the word "should " with a small stick. I purposely found a short stick to encourage a good pencil grip, and left it with the word.

Is your child working on sight words right now?

T-Rex actually saw what I was doing and asked to try it before I had a chance to invite him.  I asked him to say the word "should" and coached him to use the correct strokes as he traced the letters in the dirt.

Does your child enjoy playing in the dirt?

This activity uses the naturalist intelligence.  Activities like this one are not just about making learning fun, although any good teacher knows kids learn better when they are having fun.  Using multiple intelligences to connect learning activates more of the brain and helps children remember what they have done.  

If you have access to dirt where you live, give this activity a try.  You might also like to check out my new sight words Pinterest board, where I am collecting active ways to review sight words that I think my kids will love.

Happy Reviewing!

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