Thursday, March 3, 2016

Goals March 2016 and a House keeping Tip from the Nutcracker

My March update and a Housekeeping Tip from the Nutcracker.

Hi There! Can you believe it's March already? Time for a peak behind the scenes, and a great homemaking trick I learned from the Nutcracker (by Tchaikovsky).

February progress

Blog: Serve

I am happy to say that the bulk of the photography for the candy manual is done. I am struggling to find sufficient computer time, for this or anything else.

As eager as I am to get the candy math drills out to you, I am a full time stay at home mom, not a work from home mom. It's coming, and I am hopeful other moms and teachers will agree it was worth the wait.

Family: Example

My February goal was a new and better screen time plan. I'm thrilled with the progress we've made, and my children love the new system too!

One of the benefits of our new plan is that it gives me a good way to explain why mommy is on the computer, and that's ok, but more video games are not ok right now.


The Master bedroom is done. Yay!

New Goals

March is going to be busy! Spring break, baseball, gymnastics, gardening, Easter! My March goal is to find a good rhythm while enjoying the craziness March brings!  I especially want to maintain my household routines and increase my planning and computer time. Rather than trying to get through a to do list it is time for me to focus on keeping balance in every area. I will probably make some progress on blogging projects and home organization, but that isn't the focus this month.

My March update and a Housekeeping Tip from the Nutcracker.

House Keeping Tip from the Nutcracker

Speaking of rhythms, I found a great new habit to add to my home making repertoire over Christmas break.  We were listening to a version of the Nutcracker that included the story with the music.  The phrase "on her nightly walk through the house..." jumped out at me. The mother was making a nightly walk through the house before bed.  Maybe everyone else had realized this was a responsibility of being a home maker, but I thought of it in a new way.  

I have begun taking a quick walk through the house to set it in order just before going to bed in the evening.  It's my time to ask a last blessing for the children, straighten the towels, double check that the dish washer is running. Sometimes I spend 30 minutes cleaning, but often I spend just five minutes before laying down.  I have noticed that my mind isn't racing with chores once I lay down, and our mornings have been running a bit more smoothly.

That's my March goal, to keep everything running smoothly. Are you setting monthly goals? Leave them in the comments or join the link up.  Happy Spring!

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