Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Goals May 2016

April was going to be an organized, productive month. A couple of key conversations, and our already busy schedule careened into chaos again. Have you been there? I am beginning to think that life is lived in survival mode, so I might as well learn to thrive here.

What I did do in April

Blog: Serve

Would you do me a huge favor, and click on the Science, Math, or Especially for Parents tab above? I'm really proud of how much better they look.

Home: Peace

I cleaned out the pantry and the game closet. I feel like the house is manageable now, although there are a few more corners to tend to.

Mothering: Example

I did keep up with my book club. Here are my action points.
 1. Skip weekly cleaning every second week until organizing is caught up. That may be a few years, but at least I'll be setting a better example of patience for my children.

2. Work on paring down our schedule to a more manageable pace. This is going to be tough. We don't do that many activities, but it seems the commitments tend to swell. I need to learn to say, "no".

The realization behind these points is that I snap at my children because I'm trying to do more than is realistic. It isn't fair to expect the children or myself to perform with such small margins.

Goals May 2016

Blog: Serve

I have two more spring posts to put up. Then I want to get the newsletter out, and get a start on summer posts and projects. 


If I could catch up the scrap booking, that would be great!

Mothering: Example

May is all about preparing for summer. We love road trips, and I am finishing up plans to visit my parents 13 hours from here. I am also working on a schedule for the kids and I over the summer. I don't want to structure them too much, but no structure wears me out. Of course we'll have some summer learning fun. Minecraft and Pottery are on the agenda so far. If you are an expert in either, please leave your hints and links below!

Some of my favorite bloggers gather each month to do some goal sharing. If you want to be inspired, there are a variety of approaches represented here!

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