Monday, June 6, 2016

How to stop the Summer Slide without destroying your child's summer

How do you help students stay sharp over the summer? Your student is sure to find something they enjoy on this great list of books.

The warm sun bounced down through the leaves of my favorite tree. I'd finished my morning's work, and was now free to enjoy the afternoon. I settled into the perfect smooth corner the branches made with the trunk, and opened the book I'd brought up with me.

I wasn't thinking of anything but enjoying the afternoon, but as a mother and a teacher I now know that by reading all those books I was accidentally preventing something called the Summer Slide. 

The Summer Slide refers to the process of hard earned knowledge over the summer break. It's a source of great frustration to students and teachers who have lost ground covered in the previous school year.

One of the easiest, and most enjoyable, ways to stop this atrophy is by reading some good books. You can usually entice reluctant readers by offering books on a subject of interest, so I asked some of my blogger friends to recommend their favorite books about science to get you started. 

How to use this list

The key to using books to stop the summer slide is making reading fun. Let your child choose books that interest him. I suggest scrolling through with your child and letting him choose a topic and or a few titles that look interesting to him.

Science books by topic

Dinosaur books from Every Star is Different

Frog and Toad Books from Every Star is Different

Gardening Books from Sunny Day Family

Mammal books from Every Star is Different 

Rock books from Buggy and Buddy

Volcano books from Cleats and Campfires

Water Cycle books from Buggy and Buddy

Weather Books from Brain Power Boy

Science books by level

If you're looking for something for your more advanced reader, check out this list of Science themed chapter books from What do We Do All Day. Here's a great list of  science books for high school students from Homeschooling Down Under, and some books on the middle school level about chemistry from Walking By the Way. 

Favorite science books

Must have STEM books from STEAM Powered Family

Favorite science books from the Sunny Patch

Favorite Kid's science books from Little Bins for Little Hands

Favorite Kids science books from what Do We Do All Day

Go Science Girls recommends Sticker Dolly Careers and 11Science Experiments.

Books of science activities

These would be great for your active, hands-on child.

Books of STEM Project ideas from the Jenny Evolution 

Books of Science Experiments from Planet Smarty Pants 

Still haven't found what you were looking for? Check out my science book Pinterest board.

I hope you and your kids have a great summer full of fun, sunshine, good books, and maybe even a few trees to climb!

My fellow bloggers for Public Education have even more great ideas for stopping the summer slide for you today.  

More ideas for integrating science and literacy from Share it! Science News

Having fun to prevent the Summer Slide from 3 Dinosaurs

Fun activities that are also educational from Mama Smiles

Why boredom is good for kids from Room to Play

Why I am not worried about the Summer Slide from Planet Smarty Pants

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