Sunday, October 2, 2016

A quick peek behind the scenes of the blog.

Happy October! It's time for our monthly goal check.

This year I am focusing on mothering through my example, making a more peaceful home, and serving others through my blog. 

Mothering through example

I do have some good action points to work on my perfectionism. Ironically, one of the key habits I want to develop is making sure that I have taken care of a task before I require it of my children.  For example, finish my share of the house cleaning before checking on their share. This month I am going to concentrate on implementing the actions points I discovered in September. 

Pursuing a Peaceful Home

I'm excited to say that I have caught up on all my tasks - except those involving a computer.

So, this month's goal is to find a routine that works for actually completing my computer tasks. I have had to reinvent my household cleaning routine many times, and generally have a clean house (relative to the fact that two toddlers live here). However, I don't have a good routine for computer/phone tasks. If you have a good one, please leave a description or a link.

Serving others through blogging

I've been sorting posts, but struggling to make my goal. I am hoping my blogs will benefit from the new routines above. I do have a new Autumn STEM activties post ready to go though.

What are your goals for this year? How are you working toward them this month?

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  1. Your goals are inspiring me, especially "serving others through blogging" This bring back my blogging vision.

  2. I also love the serving through blogging idea!


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