Saturday, September 3, 2016

20+ Captivating Preschool Science Activities

Preschool Science Activities

Tiny fingers grasp a piece of cereal, deliberately holding it over the floor below. The fingers part. The cereal falls. The scientist resets for another trial. You have probably seen your toddler perform this experiment. Preschoolers love doing science! I am excited share some of my preschoolers' favorite science activities.

But first, can I remind you of something?

What makes a science activity captivating to your preschooler

Often, when adults are planning science activities for small children, we fall back on our high school memories. It is wonderful that you enjoyed your high school science class so much that you want to recreate that experience for your child. However, teaching the "scientific method" to preschoolers is not appropriate.

Think about literature. I personally think everyone should be required to read Victor Hugo's Les Miserables. It's an incredibly important book. I don't read it with my two-year-old though. You know what I do read to her? PD Eastman's Go Dog Go. Every day. (Dog. Big dog. Little dog.)

Just like high school students read Les Miserables and preschoolers listen to Go Dog Go, high school students do sophisticated inquiry, while preschoolers are drawn to sensory rich, imaginative projects. You're not sure what a preschool science activity would be? You are in the right place!

The only two science skills preschoolers need

You know what preschoolers need to do? Observe and ask questions.  If your young children are like mine, they are already so absorbed in observation that we may never make it to supper. "Do you see that bug?"  "Why does my coat stick to my shirt?" The questions are innumerable. Don'tt worry about fancy skills. Give them the materials and the time. Slow down and watch and see what you learn.

Preschool Science Activities

I've sorted my preschool science ideas by location: out door and indoor.  Super Simple activities are science projects you can do right now with materials you already have on hand.

Out Door Preschool Science 

Child planting flowers

Indoor Science Activities

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